Petietec Little Paws Pet Grooming Hands Free Dryer

We understand how hard it is to bath your dog at home. We can imagine your struggle to hold a brush in one hand, and a dryer in the other when you are drying and grooming your furry babies.
To help you figure out this problem, Petietec Little Paws Pet Grooming Hands Free Dryer has come out! Drying your pet's hair has never been easier at home.
Our product is a device for drying pets. It has low noise and a comfortable wind. Your pets will be easy to accept it, and you will be relieved and relaxed during the entire pet grooming process.

Introduce Each Part of The Product

1.Product instruction

① Product schematic diagram and controller schematic diagram

② Efficient and warm quasi-natural air drying:

When you turn on the hands free pet hair dryer, the hot air from the dryer will circulate back and forth in the carrier you use. This drying process simulates the drying environment of natural wind. Therefore, the temperature in the carrier will not make pets uncomfortable due to overheating.

③ Sound & temperature comparison

2.Product parameters

Voltage:U.S. version 110v cord

3.Product application scenarios:

Whole body drying

After bathing & swimming

Partial body drying

After playing in the water & After walking on a rainy or snowy day

Heating in cold weather

Quickly warm your pet's body after walking in winter
Keep your pet warm when they are still

4.Use guidelines

You can preheat the kennel or the pet carrier in advance before drying your pets, and pay attention to the temperature changes in the kennel or the pet carrier during use.
The suitable containers which can be used together with the pet dryer after bathing:
1.The following carriers you already have:

2.Our pop up pet kennel

①Travel pet home

②Transparent crate cover

③DIY paper box or a dog crate with a transparent cover


You need to be nearby when using the product.
Pay attention to the physical condition of the pets at all times when drying them.
If the shell is damaged or the wires are exposed, please do not use it.

Tips to Get Grooming Done Efficiently


Press a towel on a wet dog's fur to soak as much water as possible.


Put the dryer box in a semi-enclosed space and use low or high wind and set the time according to the situation.
The drying time depends on the size of your pets, the length of their hair and the size of the carrier. Generally speaking, a dog or cat of about 5 kg can be blow-dried in about 20-30 minutes.


When your pets hair is dried to 80%, you can brush their hair coat by coat while drying them till the appearance of a satisfactory shape.