How to install and use

1.Install this extension

Hidden power wire


Remove the filter and take out the power cord.


Export the power cable from the U slot.


Put it away after use for easy placement.

2.Hose Installation Procedure





3.How to use it

Pull up freely

Free to adjust


1.Customize the temperature

Optimum temperature for pets, fast-drying wind force, suitable for tiny cats and medium-sized dogs.
Three precise temps are available,NTC intelligent temperature control,to maintain a pet-friendly temperature at 38.9°C. It avoids excessive temperature uncomfortable or harmful to pets.

Why Not Use a Regular or a Human Hair Dryer?

Three temperature modes can be switched. It avoids excessive temperatures, which are uncomfortable or harmful to pets.

Our furry babies are more sensitive to noise than we are. The noise of human hair dryers are much higher than that of our pet dryer. So it can cause our furry babies to become anxious during the drying process.

Our pet dryers are designed to solve this problem. Low noise, fast and convenient. Our furry babies will enjoy the entire drying process.




Flexible adjustment of blow-drying part,360-degree flexible hose in the ideal positon,After bathing our furry ones, we must always make sure that they are completely dried, otherwise the moisture on their skin could cause fungus or a problem with it.

You can use this Handily-2 pet dryer to clearly check your furry babies’ skin under their fur.

It can blow away all kinds of dirt from your pet’s paws, and it's easy to check for inflammation.

Product introduction

Multiple settings

Customize with 3 different temp settings and 7 different time setting for over 21 different combinations


Anti-overheating protection

The machine will automatically power off protection when the internal temperature is too high.

Anti-creeping protection

The machine will disconnect automatically when the current is too high.

Equipped with clean dust filter

Detachable cleaning screen to prevent dust or pet hair from affecting the performance of the machine.