Have you encountered any of these problems while drying your dog?


Pets get anxious about the noise from the hair dryer

Theoretically, the hearing range of dogs is between 15hz and 50khz, cats is between 60hz and 65khz, and the hearing range of humans is between 20hz and 20khz. Pets can accurately distinguish the intensity, pitch and rhythm of sounds, which is why they hate human hair dryers. Pets can't talk like humans, but anxiety is real!

waste time

Air dry will take more time to dry pets

If the fur is not dried in time, it may cause the dog to scratch it habitually, making the fur knotted and stained with gray, more likely to breed bacteria and infect skin diseases. So blow-drying is very important for your dog's skin.

introduction of prizes

After bathing our furry ones we must always make sure that they are dry, otherwise the moisture on their skin could cause fungus or a problem with it. Not to mention that the vast majority are afraid of the human hair dryer because of the noise it generates.

Our Hands free Low Noise Pet Dryer:

Noise is much lower than typical dog dryer and human hair dryer. Pets will enjoy their drying process even more.

With brushing and drying simultaneously. You will be able to groom your dog more easily and conveniently after they are almost dried.

You Will Get :

1 x Handily-2 Pet Hair Grooming Dryer
1 x Flexible Hose
1 x Hose Rack
1 x User Manual

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